Band Biographies: Vimaara

Vimaara is an online solo metal project based in Toulouse, France. Under the banner of the ouroboros - the ancient symbol of a snake eating its own tail, which is often interpreted as a symbol of eternal cyclical renewal or a cycle of life, death and rebirth - the project releases its debut double EP Ad Astra/Ad Inferi in September 2023. Although the project is being launched this year, the composition of the songs on this first release spans over a decade. They are part of a collection of songs written for various unreleased projects and thus share a larger common history. The project's dark and melancholic progressive metal cleverly blends hard-hitting guitar riffs with soothing clean melodies and scattered eerie atmospheric passages over symphonic orchestrations. The vocals alternate between heavy screams and powerful clean singing, bringing French and English lyrics to life in a flow of emotions, hoping to encourage the use of French in metal music. The project claims strong Japanese influences such as Dir En Grey and Sukekiyo or even Nightmare, Versailles and Rentrer En Soi.

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