Behind The Artworks: Carnation - Cursed Mortality (2023)

For this album, we embarked on a quest for something entirely different from our previous releases. We were in search of an element that could perfectly encapsulate the album's atmosphere. This quest led us to the talented artist Mariusz Lewandowski, whose work we had already admired and were huge fans of.

The artwork for 'Cursed Mortality' seamlessly aligned with our musical vision. It depicts a group of people walking into a tunnel, their view obscured by what lies at the tunnel's other end. It's symbolic of life's journey, the path we all traverse, and one upon which we occasionally pause to reflect. It's a path where we sometimes look back and contemplate the roads we've traveled, the mistakes we've made, and the positive and negative experiences we've encountered along the way.

This artwork, though seemingly simple, is profoundly effective in conveying a theme that resonates with everyone. It captures those moments when we all pause and ponder the intricacies of our existence, making it a fitting visual representation for our album.

Shortly after receiving the artwork, we received the unfortunate news that Mariusz Lewandowski had passed away. It dawned upon us that we likely held one of his final creations in our hands, which added an extra layer of significance to 'Cursed Mortality.'

Mariusz Lewandowski's untimely death imbued our album with an unexpected depth. His art, which had already resonated with us, now carried a poignant message about the transient nature of life and creativity. It was as if his work had taken on a new life of its own, capturing a moment in time that would forever be preserved within the confines of our music.

'Cursed Mortality' thus became not only a musical journey but a tribute to the artist whose profound vision had graced our album cover. It serves as a reminder of the impermanence of existence and the lasting impact of art, making our connection to Mariusz Lewandowski's work all the more profound.

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