Behind The Artworks: FALLING GIANTS - Whirlwind Hymns (2023)

The artwork idea began while we were considering the idea of Wind/Air, which is the main concept of the album. At first we had no clue but after seeing an image of Aeolus, the Greek god of wind, we had the Eureka. A Greek man, corroded by avidity decided to open the bag of wind inherited by the god causing another journey into the sea. Wind that could be a present can turn life into misery, we liked the idea. The cover art was subdued by Damian Baldasso, a friend of ours who has already done some cover paintings. We gave him the concept and we gave him an inspiration for the style, Alberto Breccia, a famous comic maker with a unique ink color and a simple, but gloomy aura. At the end we have this, a whirlwind coming from the bag and a face front to doom.

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