Behind The Artworks: PHARMACOSE - Ascension’s Constraint Pt 1 (2023)

This album cover was done by a very talented artist I have been collaborating with since the first single of Ascension’s Constraint. I only know him as Tomas R. I originally hired him on Fiverr. Each piece he’s done represents a particular part of the book. This album cover is not depicting any specific scene in the book. Instead, it’s almost foreshadowing. It depicts our protagonist, Alex Hobbes, and what appears to be his spirit, or something else, leaving his body. One of the central themes of the book is consciousness. I came up with the idea to write the book/album after I had been reading the newest research into the nature of consciousness. What I found sort of blew my mind. Nothing is proven, but it turns out that consciousness may operate at a quantum level. That is, two potential particles become one particle—the so-called collapse of the wave function—when observed. One model suggests that consciousness is received by our brains. The question is, where does it come from? One theory, called Orch OR suggests that it is generated locally—by the collapse of the wave function--but it could be that consciousness is just part of our universe. If that’s the case, then we truly are all connected, and such things as a soul or spirit could exist. There’s much more to it, and I’m not trying to argue any one model. I just want to get a conversation started.

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