Behind The Scenes: Almost Honest - Amish Hex (Official Video)

While the wizard magic was added in post-production with effects, filming this video felt magical. We worked with the film team at Whiskey Space Station to turn our bullet-pointed brainstorming sheet into a full-fledged music video. The video was shot over two very cold days in January and February of this year. The location was a real Pennsylvania farm belonging to a family member of the band.

We wanted a fun and interesting story that was true to the spirit of the song. We were inspired by our own experiences growing up around Amish communities; and wanted to create a video that would capture the beauty and mystery of rural Pennsylvania.

The video was shot over two very cold days in January and February this year. We had to warm up in the car between shots of us playing the song so our fingers wouldn’t go stiff and numb. We had to bundle up and unbundle between shots, as the goal was for the video to look “seasonally neutral”.

We are super proud of the finished product. We created a video that tells a really interesting story and stays true to the spirit of the song. We were also grateful to the Whiskey Space Station team for their hard work and dedication. The video quality was above and beyond our expectations.

Here are some fun facts about the making of this video:

The Amish wizard is played by Gary Conahan, who is also our audio engineer and producer. (He was so committed he really cut his beard and wore clothing from a genuine Amish clothing store)

The same dummy was both hung and burned and was expertly crafted by Whiskey Space Station

The Hex of Penn's Woods magical book was an original design done by Madison Spangler, inspired by Amish Hex barn signs mixed with our album artwork.

What David ate in the video was not real butter, but actually cream cheese!

There was a scrapped alternate ending where the wizard shakes hands with Bigfoot as a call back to our 2017 music video for Appalachian Sasquatch

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