Behind The Scenes: Dark Whispers - Awoken Nightmares (Official Video)

The shooting of our video entitled "Awoken Nightmares" was a real adventure, mixing memorable moments and unexpected challenges. It all started one night in our local, where we recorded group plans letting ourselves be carried away by the power of music. Headbanging was in order, and we probably played the song a dozen times to get the perfect shots.

The first day of filming was devoted to story plans and scenes in the corridors. Our dancer was challenged to memorize the verse and sing it in front of a mirror. We also had to perform several tests for the famous Dancer leaving the body of the singer.

On the second day of filming, we took the road to the Silo Theatre in Renens to capture the simulation shots. Then we went to shoot scenes But unfortunately, our dancer hurt her little toe and had allergies because of the fields. Despite these obstacles, she continued to dance with determination.

In between takes, we took a well-deserved break to enjoy delicious burgers that gave us back energy. Then we went to the forest to turn the plans that involved candles. The atmosphere was mysterious, but we were a little worried. From more, the singer had to remain motionless, which was not an easy matter with all the mosquitoes and bugs around.

In the end, despite the events, the shooting of "Awoken Nightmares" turned out to be an unforgettable experience that created lasting memories and helped bring our clip to life. Challenges and funny moments reinforced our determination to create something special, and we look forward to continuing the VOID adventure on our next clip already in the preparation course.

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