Behind The Scenes: Fury Of Five - IYKYK (Feel The Reign Remix) (Official Video)

The concept comes from a remix we did around 1995/96 with Ant Money called “Want It All” (remix). So without a doubt we have to stick to the blueprint in 2023.

Right from the door, the track is filled with hella talent - from Ant Money (E-Town Concrete) to Shrine B. (No Holds Barred), Ari Fury (on the hook) and Mad Joe (Wisdom In Chains) who also was in Boxcutter with me.

We’re all 90’s hip hop heads and all our bands are influenced by it as well. We try to bring that to the forefront in this video with the graffiti and that in your face attitude in the camera. Lyrically, everybody’s 16’s are just pure street poetry and you can see that in the faces with the deliveries. Kurt Fowles at Sirius Cinemahad a very good sense of direction with the video and we completed a lot of footage in a couple of hours.

As a hardcore band, Fury Of Five is always raising the bar and this time we were able to drop a video with this remix and now you know.

From Kurt Fowles (Sirius Cinema), video producer:

Behind the Magic: Creating "Fury Of Five" Music Video with Sirius Cinema

For Sirius Cinema, this video was more than a job; it was a heartfelt journey. Collaborating with these talented artists was an honor that will forever hold a special place in their story. The "Fury Of Five" music video isn't just a visual piece – it's teamwork, and sheer joy that only Sirius Cinema and everyone involved could bring to life.

But what's a great video without great people? Mad Joe from Wisdom and Chains stepped in, pouring his charisma into the project. Then there's Ant Money from E-Town Concrete, a music and business guru whose influence elevated the collaboration. Ari Fury who’s on the main hook and musical premiere. And let's not forget Stikman, the legend from Fury Of Five, whose appearance added that extra touch of authenticity.

Picture this: a group of talented folks, including Sirius Cinema's founder, who's been crafting videos for seven years. They transformed an ordinary day into an extraordinary adventure, capturing every beat and emotion in just one day. The studio sets they designed weren't just spaces – they were filled with raw vibe of the video to the fullest. This captivating piece was brought to life at the charming Reservoir Film and Photo Studio in Philadelphia, and it's the result of passion, teamwork, and a dash of artistry.

Ever wondered how music and visuals merge to create pure magic? Look no further than the creative minds at Sirius Cinema, who recently wowed us with the "Fury Of Five: Feel the Reign" music video.

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