Behind The Scenes: Glista - Potion Of Dializa (Official Video)

As soon as the faintest light appeared at the end of the tunnel that is album production, we set our minds on producing a video, to accompany the release.

We decided not to do a simple lyric video but didn’t have the time to produce something too big. We ended up with the idea to do something dynamic, but still simple, and chose the song Potion of Dializa accordingly.

The basic idea was to record various action-filled clips in closeup, including skateboarding and maybe some downhill biking, breathing in some of that 90s vibe. That was pretty much it - everything else was left for our singer Matija to figure out (including the writing of this article :P).

The production and recording of the video was as DIY as it gets - Matija simply taped a GoPro on his ankle and went skateboarding, without a real filming plan. He tried out a couple of tricks and checked out the footage to see which worked well from this angle. He ended up breaking the board (finishing it off on camera), but not before landing a moderately epic fail, shattering a glass bottle in his backpack.

He moved on to the bike footage. Using the same formula (only upgrading the already excellent GoPro mounting mechanism with a locally sourced pine cone), he set off to his local downhill trail park, fell in front of an elderly couple, got up, received some encouraging words from them, and then just stamped out as much footage as possible. He finished the part by descending the stairway to Ljubljana Castle, taking a couple of unsuspecting tourists by surprise.

The final part was shooting the band close-ups in our rehearsal room. This, as with everything else, was figured out on the spot, seeing which angles work. One of the more interesting ones was achieved by placing the camera on the drummer's shin and taping a telephone with the flashlight onto the inside of the kick drum. The idea of recording the mouth closeups was also born right there and then, as we were thinking, about how to represent the vocals and keep the closeup nature of the video. The idea was then extended to the backing vocals trio, you can imagine the laughs while recording that.

The last stage was basically just a couple of days of surgically removing minuscule parts from lots and lots of footage, and sewing them together until the end result came into shape. There was some idea about the way it should all come together, but most of it was, as with everything else up to this point, improvisation.

We are very happy with how the video turned out, especially with the limited time we had. It was also very well received, so, all in all, it was a success.

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