Behind The Tracks: Abyssius - Nihil (Single) (2023)

Our upcoming debut album explores a personified character named “Abyssius”, a spin on Odysseus in a sense. Odysseus in the abyss if you will. Nihil is the fifth chapter in Abyssius’ story. While the full album when released will tell the full story, Abyssius has every bit of life’s inherent suffering thrown at him all at once. The chapter of Nihil is the story of letting go of all preconceived meaning in the world reinventing the self and finding power in nihilism. However, there isn’t a clean severance from hope and meaning, and the song simultaneously lashes out at the cold and uncaring nature of the world. In essence, Nihil takes the character who has recently been tortured and stripped of all hope, then inflates his ego and he sees the world for what it is.

The composition for Nihil was inspired by a combination of hopeful and pained themes, drawing both from atmospheric & melodic metal techniques as well as more contemporary death metal riffing to represent the emotional state of Abyssius. As nihilism and any philosophy in metal tends to border on self-absorption and egotistical & pseudointellectual nonsense, we also insist on not taking ourselves seriously throughout. Our lead guitarist Jake’s ending solo alone contains 3 meme references to other songs including Britney Spears and Weezer. Stay tuned for the upcoming album to find all the easter eggs!

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