Behind The Tracks: Acart - Carigrad (Single) (2023)

The Carigrad single, from Serbian project Acart, is a symphonic piece with a cinematic aura, born during the lockdown when Aleksandar immersed himself in experimenting with orchestral sounds. Serendipitously, he stumbled upon a documentary about a city that resonated deeply with the themes brought forth by the pandemic - the passage of time, the essence of the human spirit, and its indomitable resilience. The eternal and unconquerable spirit of Carigrad left an indelible impression on him, becoming a recurring motif in his creative journey.

Inspired by this poignant connection, he decided to bring Carigrad to life as a heartfelt homage to this remarkable city and its enduring spirit. Collaborating with 20 other passionate and skilled musicians (esteemed colleagues and dear friends who share his enthusiasm) they formed the Ad Hoc symphonic orchestra. Their collective vision is to present this symphony as a testament to the timeless and unwavering soul of Carigrad.

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