Behind The Tracks: Designer Disguise - Clarity (Cover)

Jackson Bengtsson (Lead vocalist): As an emo kid turned raver I remember being in the crowd at the Gorge Amphitheater hearing Zedd’s Clarity play and screaming every word along with my group. At the time I remember thinking that this song was like the ultimate synergy of emo vibes and pop dance music. To this day whenever I hear this song I get into my feels and can’t help but singing along to it. I felt that Clarity should have a place in alt music and that’s why we ended up selecting it as one of the tracks for Wow That’s What I Call Metalcore Vol. 1. We had a lot of fun with many of the tracks on this record, but this one was more serious and more near and dear to our hearts. I recently showed this track privately to my group of old raver friends in my car and all of them couldn’t help but scream along to the chorus. I think this song is anthemic in all settings, but it felt right to bring it back to my emo, posthardcore, metalcore roots. I think this song is a perfect song to cry in the pit with its atmospheric verses and riff driven chorus. I hope that others like me, who grew up being emo and then also got into the rave scene, will hold this version in a special place within their hearts as I do.

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