Behind The Tracks: Elm Tree Circle - Stoned (Single) (2023)

It's a wild and hazy ride through the ups and downs of getting unintentionally “Stoned” in this new song by Elm Tree Circle and Jfinch. Background: The tale begins with Nic, the frontman, facing a COVID scare after sharing a mic with a friend. In a frantic dash for protection, he hears on the radio that Cannabis supposedly protects from the disease. So he takes a giant amount of THC oil which he mistakes for pure CBD oil, hoping it will safeguard him from the virus. Little did he know, he was about to embark on a psychedelic adventure! As the chorus kicks in, Nic's soaring vocals describe the liquefied feeling of being super high, regretting the decision to try the praised oil.
Enter Jfinch, the wise rapper, who relates to the essence of the track, having a love- hate relationship with the plant. His expertly crafted verse adds a new dimension to the song, elevating it to new heights. The catchy chorus wraps up the whole journey, with Nic belting out, "I don't wanna be stoned” and Jfinch adding “anymore", as listeners can't help but nod along, both laughing and nodding in agreement. It's a hilarious and relatable ode to those unexpected highs and life's unexpected twists, making "Stoned" a tune that leaves you smiling, even if you're not sure if it's the CBD, THC, or just pure joy. So turn up the volume, embrace the madness, and join Elm Tree Circle and Jfinch on this trippy musical escapade!

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