Behind The Tracks: The Inside Out - Mr.Arrogant (Single) (2023)

Our newest single, “Mr. Arrogant”, is a tenacious, energetic jam that kicks off The Inside Out’s next era of our second LP Road Trip. We’re pivoting from dark and heavy with our last album, No Brains, No Blood., to a lighter, dancier vibe that continues to hold onto our signature melancholy lyrics.

“Mr. Arrogant” is a song that is about the sensation of being in constant motion and caught up in everything going on around you at once. It’s the pressure of time catching up to us that keeps us all going. It’s also not paying attention to the present and recklessly gripping on to life no matter what the costs are. Even if sometimes our problems are also our solutions, sometimes those are both ourselves.

Before any lyrics were written, “Mr. Arrogant” was tentatively titled “2am” because we came up with the general idea for the song at—you guessed it—2am. We jammed on it for months before deciding to mold it into a structured song. This happens to be the first of many The Inside Out songs that’s an equal writing collab between every member since solidifying our lineup, as our last album was written before we found our bassist. We were all in the studio together scribbling onto a whiteboard and trying out a hundred ideas until we had something we were proud of.

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