Behind The Tracks: Lost Dogs Of Ultimo - Head Space (Single) (2023)

This is the second song on the single and is an instrumental soundtrack It is delivered with a reggae vibe on the bass line and has a continual rolling motion running Up and Down representing the energy loop the brain can get into at times The song has flow and is contagious with an energy it is gripping and stimulating with a deep swirling sound that was created on fretless bass backed up by the short sharp minor reggae guitar chords that accentuate the songs rhythm.

The theme of Mental health is continued in this track but from a different aspect of melancholy and mild joy it was originally written with a soundtrack project and the Video that was produced for this is mesmerizing as an AI-infused visual experience.

Head Space is a laid-back song that represents a feel but underlying this track is the deeper theme that mental health in our community has many layers and the outcomes have a profound effect on those who suffer and the people that it impacts

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