Behind The Tracks: The Pleasure Dome - Good Luck (Single) (2023)

Commenting on the new track, frontman Bobby Spender says: ‘Good Luck’ is about being too scared to talk to someone you fancy. I had a crush on a bartender at a venue we played while on tour in Belgium. The next day we picked up our gear, we were chatting and I fancied her so much but I didn’t say anything. When we said goodbye, she said ‘Good Luck’ and it left me feeling like I had anything but.
I wrote the song the next night in the Netherlands and the following night we debuted it at the legendary Vera, Groningen in the Netherlands when we got an encore. We’d been learning it in the dressing room and played it once in soundcheck. It’s a burst of energy. Like with the rest of the album, we recorded live without a click, so that stop near the end before we all come back in was natural. It happened by mistake on stage when I forgot to play the riff, but we all came back in together in time so we kept it as part of the song.

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