Behind The Tracks: Psychotic Apes - The Storm (Rhythmic) (2023)

The Storm (Rhythmic) was the first single from Psychotic Apes' latest EP, Reinventing the Shadow, which features reinterpretations of four songs from the band's two studio albums. In this version, the track gains a new arrangement, with the presence of a percussion set typical of maracatu from Pernambuco, which brings a new rhythmic dimension to the composition. The lyrics deal with the psychic process of acceptance and resilience, through a symbolic storm that would come to wash away impurities and pave the way for the renewal of the spirit. Recorded at Orimar Home Studio and Estúdio Megafone, Natal-RN, produced by Ramiro Barros, with technical assistance from Miguel Sampaio, mixing and mastering by Eduardo Pinheiro and special participation by Alessandro Risada in the alfaias.

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