Behind The Tracks: Rebel Priest - War Horse (Single) (2023)

This single is the first step into the true sounds of Trash n Roll, it’s a song that is full of teeth-gritting, fist-pounding primal aggression. It’s a statement without politics, it’s a feeling without emotions, it’s a way to move without moving. It’s the first taste of an amazing upcoming album.

War Horse was originally just an idea we had for a video we will never be able to afford hahaha. Our unnamed anti-hero is on a space bike cruising through the universe. It kind of embodies the idea of Trash n roll in the sense that most folks don’t see vagabonds as equal people but we keep rolling, there’s always time for thrash n Roll! It’s our way of saying “fuck em” to everyone that doesn’t respect you or your path. If it’s you against the world, here’s the warhorse you can ride into battle!

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