Behind The Tracks: TROUNCE - The Crippled Saint (Single) (2023)

BAND COMMENT (Jona Nido): This track has its own special vibe, bringing together elements that I was never able to put together other bands. It's basically a long mid-pace and meditative blastbeats with super melodic guitar arpeggios. The guitar kind of floats over the drums, and the contrast between both instruments gives the song this very intense yet very dramatic feel. Renaud's vocals really come unexpected and they give an extra touch of catchiness.
VIDEO DIRECTOR COMMENT (Pierre Potvliege): Dear friends of the imaginary,
Get ready for a delightfully absurd plunge into the depths of the 'The Crippled Saint' video. As an aspiring director, I wanted to explore the depths of my mind, weaving a tale where dreams dance and nightmares leave their melancholic mark.
Guided by Jonas' benevolence, the architect of this irrational escapade, I had the privilege of getting a sneak peek into some of Trounce's enchanting melodies. The track 'The Crippled Saint' struck a chord deep within me. To the rhythm of the music, my mind wandered, weaving an elusive storyline straight out of a peculiar dream.
The result, I hope, is a harmonious union of sonic magic and visual art. Chance, that cosmic jester, played its part, synchronizing each element in an almost surreal manner.
Doubts and challenges have left their imprint, making 'The Crippled Saint' video a resonance of perseverance and passion for me. As you explore these phantasmagorical worlds, feel the vibration of each musical note.
This project has come to life far beyond my wildest hopes, becoming an emotional and introspective journey. May you be touched by this creation.

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