Track By Tracks: WIZARDS OF WIZNAN - No Light Has No Shadow (2023)

The album "No Light Has No Shadow" holds special significance for us because it evokes the suffering of the people who lived where we currently reside. Through this work, we aim to pay tribute to these victims, to give a voice to their suffering, and to bear witness to the devastating impact of this epidemic. This album is steeped in the history of our region and the trials it endured. By exploring themes of loss, disease, death, and depression, we connect with human suffering. We also seek to create a bridge between the past and the present, reminding that despite past tragedies, the region of Nendaz continues to live and thrive. We take pride in sharing our history through music, and we hope that our music can touch hearts, provoke thought, and offer a sense of communion with those who have endured dark times in the past.


1. Seeds of light:

This song delves into the theme of death, highlighting the inevitability of this reality. It examines the fragility of life and the eternal cycle of mortality. The lyrics evoke transformation and resurgence accompanying death, while the music alternates between contemplative moments and powerful riffs, reflecting the complex emotions associated with this subject.

2. Absolute Void:

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3. La Sorcière du Végenand:

This song addresses a dark aspect of history, focusing on the witch hunts that took place in Valais during medieval times. The lyrics evoke the persecution and cruelty inflicted upon women accused of witchcraft; the trials mostly ended with a sentence of death by fire. There are a lot of local archives dealing with executions and tortures and we wanted to pay tribute to those who had to suffer from this obscurantism. La Sorcière du Végenand means “The Wiznan’s Witch”.

4. Feed the Fire:

This song recounts the dark days of the Black Plague that devastated the region of Visinand, in Nendaz, nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The Black Plague raged across Europe in the mid-14th century, claiming lives wherever it went. Nendaz, situated in the Valais valley, was not spared. By the way, the members of the band are from this same region.

The song portrays the tragic events of the time, as the disease rapidly spread, claiming countless lives. The lyrics of the song evoke the spread of the plague, the fears that closely followed it, and the necessity to confront a reality that’s hard to accept. The song wants to reflect the anxiety gripping people as they watched their loved ones fall, and the relentless nature of the disease itself. The song also conveys the despair felt by the people in the face of the loss of all hope. The music reflects the chaos and brutality of that time. Heavy riffs and intense vocals create an oppressive atmosphere, evoking the devastation caused by the plague. This song wants to be a tribute to Valais' history.

5. Reign:

“Reign” depicts the eerie and frightening atmosphere of the Black Plague era in the 14th century, where disease, desolation, and the struggle for survival were ever-present. The song portrays the Black Plague as a looming shadow. It wants to reflect the challenging journey of those affected by the disease, represented by “the black sun”, accepting their suffering as the price to pay for surviving as the darkness of the plague envelops them. It also wants to highlight the inexorable rise of darkness and silence spreading across the lands, symbolizing the inevitable end brought about by the Black Plague. The song also depicts a desperate flight of those confronted by the disease, an attempt to escape from the disease's menacing presence. It also highlights the enduring and relentless nature of the Black Plague, requiring an ongoing sacrifice from its victims, represented by the Ancient “voices” in the lyrics. The lyrics of this song can be interpreted as an emotional and artistic portrayal of this dark era. The music accompanies these lyrics by creating an oppressive atmosphere, with heavy riffs and dark arrangements.

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