Track By Tracks: Apotheus - Ergo Atlas (2023)

Ergo Atlas (album)

Millions of years after “The Far Star” mission took place, an artificial intelligence comes up with an ingenious plan that puts life in the Universe at risk.

In this second volume of the saga created in the 2019 album and book, inspired by the work of the science fiction writer Issac Asimov, Apotheus introduces new atmospheres and emotions in the nine chapters of the new album, in a roller coaster of melodies, messages and intrigues that will be revealed along with the musical and literary work sequel.

1. Shape and Geometry:

“Shape and Geometry” ruthlessly kicks off Ergo Atlas and tells the story of the ascension of an all-powerful being called GODS. With a piercing and rhythmic main riff, the music drives forward, capturing the fear and desperation of those caught in GODS' wake. As the song draws to a close, it becomes more contemplative and emotional, describing the aftermath of GODS' ascension and the impact it has on the whole galaxy. We’re firm believers this song captures the full might of GODS. Prepare to be crushed!

2. The Unification Project:

"The Unification Project" is a menacing and powerful song that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song describes a plan to unify all the galaxy's living beings against their will, creating an oppressive force that looms over the album's narrative. It starts with a cinematic and delicate intro and gradually morphs into something that crushes your soul into pieces. We believe this to be one of the heaviest and most suspenseful songs we’ve written, putting our most “progressive” facet to the test.

3. Firewall:

“Firewall” is one of those songs that immediately grabs you by the neck and makes you experience the obstacles that GODS faced in first person. Yes, humanity had a trick up their sleeve: the Firewall. This song’s heavy riffs will take you all the way until the nostalgic and evocative ending that will explain why the Firewall was there in the first place. This is also a key concept in the whole story, as this is the only thing that protects humanity from GODS. This is for sure one of our favorites.

4. Cogito:

"Cogito" is a memorable and thought-provoking song that explores the dilemma between living a life of pain or accepting death. It's the most philosophical song of the album, and its name, taken from the famous philosophical proposition "Cogito ergo sum," perfectly encapsulates its central theme.

The song's intro is particularly noteworthy, building up gradually and smoothly in a way that is unlike anything the band has done before. As the song progresses, the music becomes more urgent and intense, with a memorable chorus that emphasizes the emotional weight of the lyrics. The vocals are forceful and emotive, capturing the pain and desperation of the philosophical struggle at the heart of the song.

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