Track By Tracks: Bacterial Husk - Anthropogenic Ruin (2023)

Artwork: Matt Stikker

1. Spores of Hallucinosis:

Ripping opener jam. Gorguts vibes ooze into straight death thrash. Bridge section has some gnarly Slayer vibes with guest vocals from The Predator. Celestial shroom comets seeding chaos throughout the universe. Why do I exist?

2. Flayed By Anomalies:

Pummeling death with grooves. Lyrically contacting off-world entities for nefarious purposes. All roads lead to a thrashing mid-section. Bass solo into a hard-hitting bridge breakdown. Our Waffle House order is chunked, doomed, flayed, and slayed. Spooky outro.

3. Plague Pollination:

Fuckin’ Gross, let’s thrash. The slop and disease are working together and sound like a swarm of killer bees. Groovy bridge section with Heartwork vibes while guitar solos, and then we are back to way more bees. Humans are trash and the Nephilim/ Engineers from Prometheus got a plan for that!

4. Corrupted Hydrosphere:

Conceptually riffing on Unfit Earth by Napalm Death. Plenty of death thrash in this one too. Moody blasting black metal vibes. Earth is sick and pissed off. The guitar solo rips into a Carcass-worship section. “A fully rejected failure species” lyric sums it up well.

5. Enshrined Gravitational Aberration:

This oddity stands out. Playful and discordant. Dissonant and other-worldly fragments of Demilich. Lots of grooves and hard to pin down, but it all works together. Particles collide and dimensions merge. Mandela Effect ensues.

6. Umbilical Sewage:

Doomy opens into a technical progressive transitioning riff, and then we are blasting our way through this one. Deicide vibes. Abandon this hell, you won’t! Groove through the bridge and crescendo to a ripping metamorphic end section.

7. Mystics of Transmutation:

Straight death thrash ripper with Deeds of Flesh influence. Tales of Navajo witchcraft / Skinwalkers. Hints of D-Beat but no hope of relenting. You end up in a cauldron. Entrails decorate the forest like Christmas garlands.

8. Chemically Evolved:

Another thrasher with heavy Testament vibes. A song that sounds like that drippy dude at the end of Robocop. Post-human nuclear abominations rioting. Heavily influenced lyrically by themes on Demolition Hammer’s sophomore album Epidemic of Violence.

9. Cesarean-Born Constellations:

A blackened discordant moody track. Notes of Withered and Artificial Brain with a driving hook. Is Earth the only Human Prison in the cosmos? The outro sounds like Zod twirling away in the Phantom Zone at the end of Superman 2.

10. Starving the Immortal:

Blackened Immortal vibes like its namesake. A tight polished closing song evoking Revocation. Feels like a Space-Viking drinking song. A ripping atmospheric guitar solo transitions you to the pummeling closing riff. As a result, you break stuff you see around you. Spoiler Alert: Humans are energy troughs for multi-dimensional entities. There is no death, your consciousness is eternal.

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