Track By Tracks: Circa Arcana - F.U.C.K.Y.O.U. (2023)

The EP as a whole:

The most unforgiving fucking album of 2023. It’s pretty aggressive, pretty fucking mean.

Track By Track:

1. 500 Likes:

It’s more of just modern-day stuff, not like an alpha male thing or anything like that, just be a fucking man bro. It’s pretty much about standing out there and doing whatever the fuck you want.

2. King’s Wench:

This song is about a dude who hates his fucking girlfriend but when she dies, he goes and digs her up and starts fucking her body.

3. Dybuk:

It’s about the band talking to our fans and telling them to stand the fuck up and not let someone put them down. Like man the fuck up and go do something about it. You know, fuck everybody.

4. No Fucks Left:

Yeah, that song’s literally about telling all the whiny ass bitches of today’s modern lifestyle to go suck a dick because we don’t care what they think. It’s a big fuck you to the cancel culture.

5. Switchblades and Fistfights:

It’s straight-up a fighting song. This song was made for people to hit each other too, the perfect song to be in the mosh pit for.

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