Track By Tracks: Dead Never Sleep - Origins Of Evil (2023)

1. Pale Horse:

It’s about the apocalypse. Haha
Revelation 6:8

2. Head Rot:

Negative thoughts and how they can consume you.

3. Helpless:

Things go wrong in life and most things happening around us are out of our control.

People like to blame it all on “God” or a deity of sorts.

The song is about self-awareness and where you’re putting yourself. Are they places that are going to compromise your well-being?

4. H.D.E.:

We all have conspiracy theories and then there are facts about how illegal narcotics end up on the streets and in our schools…. Also, big pharma is another problem, as you well know.

5. Filicide:

Global Warming. Have you been outside lately?

7. Pitchfork:

Would you sell your soul for rock n roll? Doesn’t have to necessarily be your soul, your happiness, well-being, or friendships?

It’s about the Devil being the Devil.

8. Shallow Hell:

It’s about heroin addiction and the devastation it causes.

9. Dead New Souls:

We all know those narcissistic drama queens. Sometimes things have to happen in order to see things for what they are.

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