Track By Tracks: Enigmatical - War Of Worlds And Dimensions (2023)

The lyrical concept of "Total Entropy Agenda" deals with entropy and the end of the universe. As the entropy is rapidly sped up by "Dark Energy Entities" (from a previous Enigmatical track) many more civilizations across the universe wreak havoc and spread chaos amongst this impending doom. We on earth are nothing more than helpless witnesses of this process and ultimately fall victims before the total entropy. The artwork I think does a good job visualizing this sci-fi concept I came up with.

The latest single "War Of Worlds And Dimensions" deals with the destruction of the Andromeda galaxy, and is the first single so far that doesn't rely on tremolo-riffs and therefore has a bit different drive and groove. The Voice uses his cleans in the bridge which is the first time he uses them in that way and is the highlight of the track for me.

The second single was "Into The Vortex Of Cosmic Obliteration" which deals with the destruction of Earth through an artificially made black hole created by malevolent aliens. The music is more typical of what Enigmatical has been doing, tremolo-riffs lazed with electronics and an engaging chorus. It features some guest vocals from "A.O.S Heirdrain".

The first single was "Towards Entropy And The End Of Times" and is also most likely to open the album. The lyrics set up what is about to come and the music is pretty hard-hitting with a climax that features guest vocals from "Dvsk" (that just released his Luxmori EP). It has proven to be Enigmatic's most-played track since its release and continues to find new listeners.

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