Track By Tracks: Eunomia - The Chronicles Of Eunomia Part 2 (2023)

Describe the album as a whole

Eunomia has become more powerful and stronger than before. We don’t have as long songs as part 1. But I think it is a good thing. It’s easier to listen to the whole album as a whole. The album has more variety than our first one. It got everything from epic, bombastic choruses, to fast double bass drums, even slow epic songs that fit the story perfectly. I believe this album is 10x better than the first one.

Describe each song track by track

The album starts with the song “The Search” which is a song with an anthem type of chorus. We have the legendary Alessandro Conti from Twilight Force singing along with Arnaud Ménard from Alkemyst. Solo is played by Jimmy Hedlund from Falconer. The song starts off where the last album ended. They have to continue the search for the artifacts to destroy the dark lord.

“Glorious” is a fast song that starts off with a big orchestration. Then Artemij Ryabovol comes in singing alongside Ronny Castillo. They really show off their amazing range. The solo is played by my brother Marius Danielsen. The story continues with more walking where Eunomians meet up with the Warrior King from Valley Doom to reach the next artifact.

“A New Dawn” is a mid-tempo song and a bit more guitar riff-driven. The army stands strong and proud, and visions of glory are still prevalent. The song sounds a bit more ‘grounded’, so to speak, with the tempo and guitar focus, but it’s also uplifting; in a way, it reinforces a sense of stability that is needed to keep morale high. In the end, there will be victory, and indeed, a new dawn will arise.

“Battle of the Overlook” is probably the darkest and heaviest song on the album. It is about the end of the trek to the top of The Overlook, and the following battle with the dark forces. The riffs are crushing and fit well with the imagery of the battle on a cold and storming mountaintop; the only sign of hope is found in the second solo, played by guest soloist Jimmy Hedlund, as well as the interlude, yet even that has some beautiful yet tragic undertones. This one should be well received by those who like their power metal on the darker side.

“Another Dimension” is a fun and top-notch energy boost song on the album. It is one of my favorites. It has a lot of high-power metal screams, a keyboard solo, fun and catchy chorus. What more do you need? The song tells the confrontation between the allies and a dark wizard called Dorgormir to claim the staff to open portals to the realm of the dead.

“My King” is a slower song that tells the story of King Eunotrian after the confrontation. He is stuck in rubble unable to move. Need help from his allies to rise again. It has a huge choir on the choruses and amazing vocals from Matt Krais from ShadowStrike. Fredrik Enochson is playing an amazing guitar solo. 

"Clash of Steel" is your typical, high-tempo, high-energy power metal song. It’s got everything you want from such a song: fast-paced guitars, bass and drums, soaring vocals, and a refrain that will find you humming the melody long after you last listened to it. The lyrics are centered around a soldier fighting for the coalition of good, talking about the horrors on the battlefield, yet still holding on to the hope that one day, the war will be won, and the bravery will be rewarded with peace. Despite the darker lyrics, the song is still somewhat hopeful that things will be good in the end.

“Carry On” starts off with a bang with a really heavy riff. The song is about the struggle to maintain hope against the powerful Dark Lord. But they have to carry on even though they are exhausted from fighting. But evil can’t prevail.

“Riding towards the sunset” is also a slow, but powerful song about a soldier who has lost all hope. The king needed to motivate his troops to continue fighting and be brave for the women and children at home. It is the battle for the future of mankind. Ty Christian is the guest vocalist on that song. He has such a strong operatic voice. It fits perfectly for the song.

“Raise Our Banners” is a fast-paced power metal song with Mikael Dahl and Ty Christian on vocals. I had a lot of fun with making the orchestration on this one. If you listen closely in the middle part I even have a steel drum there. Always loved the sound of that and wanted to fit it into a power metal song. I think it worked out pretty well.

“My Heart” is a song with the amazing Olaf Hayer from Luca Turilli’s band and Dionysus to mention some of the bands. With him on this song, he got Anders Sköld from Veonity. This song is a catchy and fast power metal song that was fun to listen to. Olaf and Anders fit so well together, they made this song perfect! Nick Giannakos from the band Wretch played an amazing melodic and fast guitar solo on it.

"The Story Goes On" is the closing track of the album, and it's another fast-paced one. The battle for the world is drawing towards an end, and this is the final push towards victory. There is no holding back; this is victory or death for all. The speed and energy of this song is as relentless as the final resolve, from the speeding drums and the energetic vocals all the way to the melodic shred fest of a solo; a fitting song for a final stand

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