Track By Tracks: Fierce Atmospheres - The Speed Of Dreams (2023)

1. From Ashes:

From Ashes is the album opener and is a call to arms to those who’ve been betrayed and battered by society in general, and organized religion in particular to rise up together through each other's personal strengths. To define it in a few words, it’s a song of hope, self-belief, unity, and strength.

2. Fear is a One Way:

The title and topic of the song mean that once you are on a one-way street, it’s hard to find the way out. Fear makes it hard to change our way of thinking and it can lead us as sheep to the slaughter in a sense. The line Fear is good and fear is great is a reference from a prayer that kids say in some religious schools where they recite: God is good God is great, thank you for our food, Amen.

3. High and Hellbound:

This song is based on the documentary film called ‘The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia’. It follows a family in one county of WV where there is enormous poverty, drug use, etc.

4. The Words that Enslave: 

This is about how people have discussions online and believe their words are the ultimate truth and they will defend it whether it’s about political issues, religion, or other subject matter. The title refers to how miscommunication is spread and once you put it online, you are a slave to your words and it can’t be denied because it’s there. If something is found to be false, you have already placed your thoughts there and cannot deny it.

5. A Song to the Land of the Living:

This song is about an old friend of Taran’s who had let down a former band he was in. It is about how commitment and promises meet at a crossroads and a decision is made whether to fulfill the commitment or stray, as the former member did the latter. The middle is about how a band would write music and throw it into the wind and hope that the gods of music would then notice and there would be some success. The outro is about how later in life, you cannot take the relationship you had and bring it back the same as it was because of the decisions made.

6. The Stain:

This song is based on the TV show West World. It is about a speech where he recites to his passed-out wife, or so he thinks, that he is... The wife commits suicide after.

7. Servant:

The chorus is inspired by Brave New World. In the chorus, the characters are people who do a lot of the dirty work of society and then rebel and start to kill people. The verse is about how internet manipulation makes people believe they are free, but they end up repeating a lot of propaganda that other people want them to. In that sense, they are servants to that. Ideas controlled by conspiracy theorists and others tend to make people fall into the trap and are basically brainwashed.

8. Easy to Fall:

This is a song about how it may be easier to avoid tough decisions and basically run instead of facing them. It’s about ways of escaping the real world whether it’s drugs or other things. There are many ways to fall.

9. One More for the Dying:

The song is about addiction and about trying to forget about things in the past that went wrong. The character in the song follows his pain to the present where he is now. Killing the Sun is a line in the song is about killing life as in killing yourself one day at a time.

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