Track By Tracks: Hegeroth - Disintegration (2023)

1. The Snake:

Both the mentioned Gutenberg's strings of letters and the music sneak in and out of our lives with cunning and perfidy.

2. Debased:

The machine of only the right values overwhelms us, compels us, and debases us.

3. The Dirt:

A slightly psychedelic and persistent melody provides the background to show a cult of the great Pole built on dirt.

4. The Ritual:

A gore story about exorcism, twisted like music.

5. Uplifted:

The traditional devotion to the sacred goes hand in hand with the defense/denial mechanism. All in the rhythm of a procession carrying, proudly, an image of the Virgin Mary.

6. The Ring:

The Piscatory ring adorns the finger of every pope, a symbol of hunger, a symbol of authoritarianism. Melodically and very aggressively.

7. The Queen Of Spiders:

A slave is a slave? Who rules over whom? Truth can sometimes contradict intent.

8. An Accident:

The most important thing in life is how others perceive you, what the neighbors will say, these are key values for a true Catholic. The music fits perfectly with the suicide jump described.

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