Track By Tracks: HYPERIA - The Serpent’s Cycle (2023)

This is the first album we’ve released that isn’t much of a concept album like our first 2. There are still underlying themes that recur throughout the record, but the album isn’t focused around it nearly as much as the previous releases. This album deals with different lyrical ideas such as the human condition, philosophy, psychology, partying, and much more.

Musically this album is insanely aggressive, technical, and fast. We have some of the fastest songs we’ve ever written on this album and during recording, we were all definitely pushed to, and sometimes past, our limits. In the end it all came together and I think everyone is very proud of the work they put into it.


Ego Trip - This song starts off the album with a haunting clean intro and then explodes into heavy-hitting chaos. It sets the tone for the whole album, bringing lots of aggression while allowing space for melody to shine through as well. Super fast double kicks and heavy chugging are also prevalent throughout the track. Lyrics are regarding how the ego gets in the way of finding out the truth.

1. Automatic Thrash Machine:

A tongue-in-cheek nod to our favorite party thrash songs, this is a track that shows the fun side of the band. It is also accompanied by a keg-fueled party music video that shows people what to expect when they see the band live.

2. Prophet Of Deceit:

This track brings us back into a serious mood, starting off with blistering guitar into a full-force attack of drums. The working title for this song was “Shredlord Supreme”, which should give you an idea of what to expect. This song is about the problems we have with certain members of society and gaslighting.

3. Psychosomatic

This song might have one of the most complex structures of any song we’ve written. There’s lots of progression throughout, laced with a bouncy chorus and an intricate neo-classical C-Section - This song was written with the intent to express how the medical system does not take patients seriously.

4. The Serpent’s Cycle:

This was one of the first tracks we completed and have played it at a number of shows across western Canada. It’s your typical Hyperia song, fast, thrashy, and heavy. It’s pretty balls to the wall and then releases at the chorus with a catchy melody. The title track of the album is about how we live the same life over and over again but sometimes we make a different choice which creates a new dimension.

5. Trapped In Time:

Trapped In Time has a fairly straightforward song structure and has some pretty old-school thrash elements throughout it. It's also the only song with pretty much all cleaner vocals and leans towards 80s heavy metal at some parts. The main character in this song gets trapped in time trying to redo their life choices.

6. Spirit Bandit:

This song starts out with a cool classical melody that came from a random warm-up Colin used to play. It also includes the fastest vocals we’ve ever written. It’s super fast and just when you think it’s about to give up you get pounded with the next section. This song is about a narcissist that wreaks havoc wherever they go.

7. Eye for an Eye:

This is hands-down the heaviest song we’ve ever written. The song starts with a slow death metal riff and continues its pace until the C-Section where a bass lead brings us into a more typical Hyperia riff. The antagonist of this story is being haunted by the ghost that they killed and the ghost is seeking revenge.

8. Binge & Surge:

What’s a thrash metal album without at least 2 party songs? Binge & Surge is another insanely fast song about drinking and thrashing.

9. Deathbringer:

Another unusual song from the band, this song has very strong black metal influences throughout. Lyrically it revolves around Maha Kali, a Hindu goddess of death and destruction.

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