Track By Tracks: MOLD! - MOLD! (2023)

1. Choose to be controlled!

This song was initially an old demo made by Carlo and then brought into a songwriting session with Bronto for development. It ended up being chosen to be the third single of the album.

2. Abrázame:

This song was initially brought by Bronto to a songwriting session for development. It was instantly a great fit. This is the first MOLD! song we had ever worked on that was in Spanish so that was exciting. Also the first song with Bronto on lead vocals.

3. Dance with your confusion!

This song was born in a jam session between Carlo and Bronto. We were instantly excited by the loopy bassline big influence by Talking Heads and the glitchy guitar sounds provided by the OTTOBIT jr pedal by Meris on Carlo's guitar. Lyrics are inspired by the movie "Waking Life" directed by Richard Linklater.

4. Don't Wake me up!

This song was also born in a jam session. It was the first single of the album to be released because of how catchy the hook is. Harmonized guitars are inspired by Tony Molina's style. And a base really new wave.

5. Cenicero:

Cenicero was born in a jam session and it means Ash-Tray in English, This is actually a breakup song which is unusual for us to write about. it is also in Spanish and it is inspired by Latinx bands that we love.

6. 20MG:

Bronto brought it as a demo, then we rejected it and then we worked on it and made it a single, a whole blend between “la movida”, spacemen 3 and Panic Attacks This is probably one of the most chaotic songs we have.

7. Truth Fool!:

This is one of the oldest songs on the album, we made it in a jam session even before the pandemic. We were instantly excited by the Paul mccartney/Ride inspired bassline ( Bronto was sure he ripped them off haha) and the arpeggio guitars on the chorus.

8. Running from a feeling!:

This is the oldest song on the record. It was almost going to be included on the first record but we decided to save it for later on. It was born in a jam session where Carlo played the synth.

9. To Be Continued:

This song was brought in by Carlo and then developed with Bronto. The guitar had to be tuned differently for it to work in the song. all the other MOLD! Songs except this one are in standard E- Tuning

10. Walk Alone!:

This is the last song we made for the record. It was brought in by Carlo for development. This must be one of the most "avant-garde" songs we have. it's mostly based on textures and effects, instruments not really playing in key. Very no-wave.

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