Track By Tracks: Overman - It Is All Overman (2023)

1. It is all overman:

Everything is over, effort is in vain. On the other hand, the world is full of overmen who are no longer a man, they are beyond the goal. At the same time, we allude to the common man who, driven by the feeling of having to be able to master everything, ultimately resorts to electronics and optimizes himself in order to be able to keep up in an electronic world.

2. It is all overman:

Revival of the song "übermensch" from the time angst project. It starts beautiful and soft and ends ugly and hard.

3. Desert ship:

From time angst too. Original "desert ship", which means camel, which leads you through the drought to the oasis - now it's a coffin. Something like "black ballon" from Monster Magnet...

4. Latgun:

Not a limp noodle, but a flat as a projectile - i.e. weapon - because I have a base, I am dangerous. It begins kind of sad, alone, and grows to be a steady base to build energy.

5. Cut the cheese:

Pure dadaism, real punk rock, and making fun of advertising slogans and housewives who have created a whole universe of rules about what should be done in the kitchen - at the same time perhaps the perversion of this appears. We always wanted to do this "court of the crimson king" part,)

6. Searching:

The path as a goal - finding is only possible at the moment for a moment. So stop looking for the future and thereby find the moment. When you stop, you'll get the feeling of moving backward.

7. Good morning chat:

Probably the most said sentence in the world since people have been communicating with their digital followers in real time. It has been broken down to something new, because the way it is now, it only creates more bubbles that you can take refuge in instead of facing reality with all its channels. Take your time. Dopamine detox,)

Every song has the potential to give you tears. Not always for being sad. Sometimes for something you just don't even know. For something you haven't experienced yet.

Sometimes you hope, you'll be disappointed, and that disappointment will later turn out to be a reward.

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