Track By Tracks: Stealth - Sleep Paralysis (2023)

IVAN: All the 3 songs are linked to the common theme of the hypnagogic state.

As I sometimes suffer from sleep paralysis I tried to describe that experience in the main song and what kind of feelings and emotions you might experience during those moments on which you have no control at all.

While I was researching sleep disturbances, I came across Hypnagogia and Parasomnia, which inspired the other two songs. I liked the idea of knowing more about the hypnagogic state and part of the symptoms.

All songs have been composed as we usually do. I wrote the main structure of each song and then the others added their ideas. I have to say that I found working with our new guitarist Marco a very interesting and innovative process. In general, we try to blend music and lyrics as much as possible as part of our composition effort. And of course, they need to be as much in line with the concept as possible.

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