Track By Tracks: Stone Of Duna - Moonsplitter (2023)

Dirge for Fallen Giants This is probably the odd one out on this album. It shows other aspects of our musical endeavor that we feel a need to express. Booming drums together with some progressive riffs turns it into a beast though. The lyrics tell the story of the death of many giant gods of the sea. Deathbright This was the first track we wrote and played together. It has some odd time signatures which David always makes groovy somehow. We threw stuff we love into it: gritty and clean vocals, a guitar solo, awesome riffs, and groovy drums. The song itself is about a phenomenon that appears in the skies and spirits people away to a hellscape called “The Vortex”. Stygian Slumber This track has a somber atmosphere with some gritty drive to it. This was our first release in single format and it was very well received! The song is about a well-loved monarch that is publicly executed in the capital of the world. The song treats the actual execution and the aftermath. The Seven Aspect Snake This track has some traditional pentatonic riffs to get you in the groove. It has gone through many permutations, and you can find trails of the more progressive elements we wanted to put in there, and the all out gritty vocals. The lyrics are about a cult only accessible to the upper classes worshipping the snake god of wealth. Moonsplitter This is the longest track we have written. We weren’t happy with it unless it contained all the parts that you now hear. It ties back to Stygian Slumber, where the cult that executed the monarch - lead by The Sickly Astronomer - usurped the throne in order to lead the world into the next prosperous era. The moon will split and fall into the sea, creating islands rich and plentiful for the coming generations. Let’s just say that this does not happen. 

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