Track By Tracks: Tabahi - Thrash For Justice (2023)

1. Breaking News:

A thunderous opener, setting the stage for the chaos to come, delving into the relentless struggle of our modern world.

2. Run For Your Life:

A high-octane anthem that paints a picture of danger lurking in the shadows, driven by pounding rhythms and relentless guitars.

3. Politricks:

Unmasking the intricacies of political manipulation, this track delivers a sonic assault on the deceit that plagues society.

4. Survive or Die:

Thrashing with ferocity, this song embodies the fight for survival in a world filled with adversity and challenges.

5. KingPin:

A heavy and commanding track that takes on the figureheads of power, exposing their iron grip on society.

6. Fatal Torture:

A relentless barrage of riffs and aggression reflects the harsh realities that many face daily.

7. Outcast:

A defiant anthem for those who refuse to conform, embracing their outsider status in a world that demands conformity.

8. Lal Shahbaz Qalandar:

Paying homage to the revered saint, this track blends traditional elements with thrash metal, creating a unique fusion.

9. Obsidian:

Unleashing a sonic storm, this song confronts darkness and chaos, embodying the raw intensity of thrash metal.

10. Fucked Up Nation:

A scathing critique of a broken world, this track encapsulates the band's uncompromising spirit in the face of societal turmoil.

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