Track By Tracks: Tiwanaku - Earth Base One (2023)

1. Visitor From Titan: 

This song is a true story about how Michael Estes(RIP) and I almost ran over some type of lightning on our way back to where I lived in the Jemez Mountains in Northern New Mexico at the time. This was in 2010. The Perseid Meteor shower was in full bloom as we were driving back from a gig I had just done filling in for my friend's band, End to End, here in Albuquerque. We opened for Goatwhore. It was a good time! As we were driving home through Jemez Pueblo and on to Jemez Springs. Before we got to Jemez Springs we kept seeing a light ahead and I didn't recognize it. I've been driving that same road since I was a kid. We drove through a tight corner to the right and I immediately slowed down my truck so we wouldn't hit whatever it was that was a slightly pulsating white light at first. It was a cylindrical white light with what looked like static electricity coming out of the bottom of it. As I stopped my truck, right in front of it, simultaneously, the light grew twice the size it was originally and then what looked like lightning bolts shot out from under it, then it took off up the mountain and was gone. I was in shock and kept asking Mike if he had seen what I had just seen finally I looked at him and he was still in shock eyes wide open. Then we drove back to the house and were up all night talking about and trying to figure out what we had just seen. There were also reported UFO sitings in that area at the same exact time this happened. The sitings were on Virgin Mesa and we were right next to Virgin Mesa when that happened on the same day the newspaper said there were sitings.

2. Ghost War:

Is a dream I had about a war between human reality and the paranormal reality. The paranormal side had had enough of the Ghost hunting and figured out a way to reach through the paranormal soup to reach humans and kill them. The human side lost and every spirit roamed the planet for millions of years to come.


Swarm is also a dream I had about a flock of birds that mishappen upon some tainted meat that a nearby laboratory had discarded in the wrong place. When the flock of birds find the meat they chow down. Almost immediately after all the birds transform into metal flying beasts. Tearing through anything organic in their path.

4. Nightmare Hall:

This is about a rumored level in an underground military base in Dulce New Mexico where a supposed underground war has been happening since 1979. Nightmare Hall is the level where the occupants of the base experiment in humans, animals of the planet, and aliens who have been on this planet longer than humans.

5. Closed Minds:

This song is simply about most of the human race that didn't believe in UFOs or UAP's until the USA government said so and showed their evidence on TV. Now all of a sudden they are all saying they believed all along. I don't think so...

6. Giants Below Us:

This song is about the Giants that live on planet Earth with us and have been here all along. They are also the same thing as Bigfoot. They are one and the same and they all live inside our planet and have since we first started recording human history.

7. Vision Abducted:

This was a vision/dream I had while I was under for one of my many surgeries. I was walking around Tiwanaku Bolivia. I found an opening that looked like it was hidden. Moved the rocks and dirt out of the way and it was a stairwell that led deep underground. I, of course, followed the stairs into some catacombs below. I was trying to find where all the noise came from. I finally found the room where I found a giant human being kept alive with ancient machines. As soon as I saw it...I woke up in my hospital bed very confused and disoriented until a good 10-20 minutes passed by when I realized I was back in the hospital in my recovery room. It was one of the most real visions/dreams I have ever had.

8. Falling Stars:

Instrumental Piano Shred. When Ryan Oneill and I lived together as roommates I would hear Ryan playing these parts before he would leave for work in the morning. I asked him if he had anything he would like to put on the album for a solo and thus is what he played me again.


This song is a dedication to our ex-manager and my best friend Brian "Progcop" Goldsmith. He passed away in 2019. He introduced me and our guest vocalist on the album. Brian heard me playing parts of this song and said "You absolutely 100% need to use that. He asked them who I wanted to sing this song and I wasn't sure until he played some Lost Horizon for me over the phone. Right away I said "that's him!" He contacted him and that was all it took. About 6 months after Brian passed away I wrote this song's lyrics and they are all dedicated to Brian. After Brian passed away Daniel Heiman and I worked on this song. We made it happen with him in Sweden and me in the USA. Daniel did an amazing job! Gave me more harmonies than I needed to. I love and miss you, Brian!! I'll see you Interdimensional my brother.

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