Track By Tracks: VERITAS - Silent Script (2023)


As a Lyricist, I don't seek to push any narratives on anyone, so the lyrics to the tunes are as abstract as possible. I like to think of each song as an allegory or parable that provides interpretations tailored to the listener. So, each song is supposed to mean what it means to the listener. I'll provide some clues to the general ideology behind each track.

1. Limit:

This tune expresses how boundless humans, as spiritual beings, actually are, even though we exist within the parameters of limitation. When we realize that our bounty is without limit within, we begin to live from what is within us rather than what is outside of us.

2. Creation Groans:

It is no secret that the world we live in was subjected to corruption and decay. Creation Groans shows that when the offspring of Love arises, creation itself will be transformed, and “new life unfolds”. To be clear, when I say “sons of Love” I (personally) mean male and female alike.

3. Grind Away:

This song shows that even those who condemn others have a mountain of mercy awaiting them, but not before they experience the fruit of their own shame produced by feeding on their own disgrace. It is a call to not condemn others and to love all people, even those who deem us to be enemies.

4. Buried:

This song is a call to be excellent and upright in our stance in life, which some would describe as “fighting the good fight”. It shows a history of collective consciousness, “With all that's buried here”, like what some call “the snowball effect”.

5. Unchained:

This song talks about victory over adversity. It is a picture of overcoming that which kept us bound in deceptive chains. When we have faith, we are strengthened by the notion of inevitability, what some describe as Destiny. When we choose Love above all else, we have faith in great abundance. Faith, Hope, and Love render us Unchained.

6. None Enslaved:

As the previous track depicts, being unchained leaves us in the context of freedom. When enough of us put this boundlessness on display, none would be left in chains. This song depicts a world where humans are no longer bound by ego, greed, angst, hatred, bitterness, corruption, and condemnation. Instead, we all see ourselves through the lens of Unity and truly believe that we are One People who always succeed when Love is our context.

7. Betraying Sight:

Much of what causes human fear is what is seen in the world that is removed from Love. When we, as spirit beings having a human experience, live by sight and not by faith, we can despair and become exceptionally discouraged. But when we live by faith and not by sight, we betray what we see in favor of what we envision through the lens of faith. When we choose to believe in faith and not sight, fear departs from us and all that stands in awe of the grandeur of Love imparts to us, and the demise of the blight caused by ridicule is inevitable.

8. Oxygen:

Love is the air we breathe as spirit beings wrapped in skin. This song shows that Love is our oxygen and this oxygen contains everything we need to know, breathe, feel, and grow as beings of Light. On the flip side, this song also exposes the dullness and damage that consumption and consumerism have caused, blinding many from the Truth... like a vile that makes vision hazy.

9. More Than I Can Say:

This song is very intimate and extremely personal. I'd rather not attempt to explain this one. What I will say is that this is a story of reconciliation. What the listener gets out of this is what it means to them personally (as it should be).

10. One People:

Veritas stands for Truth, and the Truth of the matter is that all humans are one people, unified by Love and Life. This song tells of the inevitability of our collective realization of unity and the freedom that follows from this understanding.

11. Somniloquy:

When we, as people, find ourselves in cycles of meaninglessness or repetition, we tend to function out of what some call “auto-pilot,” where it is as if we are sleeping through our days, rather than living wakefully through them. When we are on “auto-pilot,” we tend to speak out of this slumber and spout off at the mouth empty words. In this song, I refer to these empty words as “Somniloquy” which is essentially sleep-talk. “Sand upon Somniloquy” is like throwing sand on a fire to put it out. The takeaway in this song should be “Wake up and stop talking in your sleep.”

12. Modulate:

This song is about augmenting our current constructs in order to usher in the New Creation so many have been awaiting. It is about building a future together, arms locked, as One People. “Bring us our home” is a cry for all of us to be clothed in Love. As Ozzy so gracefully put it, “Maybe, it's not too late to learn how to love and forget how to hate.”

It is my hope as a lyricist that these tunes encourage people and communicate to their souls a message of Faith, Hope, and Love.

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