Track By Tracks: Zivar - Permeteg (2023)

"Permeteg" presents a stormy picture to the listener. It starts calmly, then rages like a storm (which can also rage inside us). This was literally my concept. The "Köd" is already beginning to surround the aforementioned feelings of anxiety. Dread, fear, darkness. Then comes "Nincs Kiút". From its title, we can guess that we are already in the middle of it. Depressing mood, longing for release. Gomez's vocals add a lot to the atmosphere of the song. Finally, "Vészharang" closes the list of songs with lyrics. Perhaps the fastest song, living/dead thoughts, destruction, apocalyptic ending. Here, I tried to make it more depressing by whispering, and the only song that included a simple guitar solo. Lyrically, it might be called a "concept album", but this was absolutely not conscious. I photographed the artwork. It's a storm cloud, a reference to the band's name.

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