Band Biographies: Bermuda's Burden

Bermuda's Burden was founded by producer and guitarist Jacob Staup and former guitarist Blake English. The two young and ambitious gathered up their friends to create the rise of Bermuda’s Burden. The founders quickly recruited the talent of lifelong friends bassist Jeff Quinn Davis and drummer Parker Lang. After a year of sessions the four brought in current vocalist and longtime friend Cyan Ramsey into the mix.  
The five-piece began to work to find their sound. "Devil's Den" was then born. Shortly after their first release, Bermuda's Burden parted ways with their co-founder and guitarist English. 
After fully establishing the name Bermudas Burden, they are now an established four-piece band with 3 singles released "Devils Den", "Lilith" and recent "Tarot" - and many more to come. Once the band went through multiple lineups with different drummers, the band recruited Mason Beard (Symphony of Heaven, ex- Timōrātus) to be the official drummer.
Each member brings a unique musical influence and talent that creates the inspiring heavy metal music that was inspired by so many great legends before them. 
They speak about the burdens of life; anxiety, depression, and addiction. They feed off controversy and the crazy under truths of our lives biggest conspiracies. They are big dreamers but they are also reminded that our burdens make us who we are, and we shouldn’t be afraid to let that affect our role in society.
They cannot wait to spread the messages and inspiration through their music and performances.

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