Band Biographies: The Crotals

After having served for more than twenty years in various bands, The Crotals wanted to keep on playing loud music, but in a fiercer way. Originally a trio, they welcomed a second screamer in 2018 to perform the fuzzy craft of rock’n’roll. Following their first two records Fuel ! Flames ! Blast ! (2014) and Horde (2018), The Crotals found the center of gravity of their varied influences: they now «shoot straight and speak the truth» under the benevolent legacy of their ancestral mentors (Entombed, Motörhead, Unsane, Sonic Youth, Breach, Crowbar) and newer buccaneers such as Kvelertak, High on Fire, and Black Cobra. They dispatch an uttermost piece of dark clamour corroded by wasted speakers and dismembered amps. Swooned in heavy distortion, they crash overheated tubes as the drums are hammered without restraint. The Crotals' heavy indie/sludge tunes only pledge allegiance to the wall of vintage Marshall amps overlooking them. That said, The Crotals are very friendly people.

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