KARPATHIAN RELICT (Ukraine/Poland, based in Sanok, PL) was formed as Orthodox in 2006 by Bogdan Lewicki and Andrzej Czujko. Under that name "Forever Not Yet" was recorded in 2009 - and later released in early 2011. After 2 years of stagnation, where Bogdan and Andrzej moved to Poland – Orthodox was reformed in 2013 as KARPATHIAN RELICT with Patryk Olbert (bass) and Adrian Mięsowicz (vocals). Later, they released "Beyond The Over" (2017) and re-released "Forever Not Yet" (2018). In the next few years - their journey continues - creating new music, and playing with several amazing musicians – to finally settle down with Bartek Oleniacz as a guitarist, and later on with Mateusz Baczek on a bass position.

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