Band Biographies: Putrid Torso

In the middle of the MySpace era, Putrid Torso was created in 2000, and then, goodbye. They released a few songs, but as both Ion Santos (guitars, bass) and Igor Sánchez (vocals) joined the band Hopelessness, they were never heard from again. 

At the beginning of 2022, they got the bug again and revived the project, recording the demo Prologue To Nowhere to prove that they could do things right. If at the beginning the band played primitive brutal death with some grind, now the Basque band plays an abominable brutal death, unstoppable, that will destroy the ears of any fan of Disavowed, Inveracity, Putridity, Dying Fetus, or Origin from the last era.

Always attentive to the most atrocious proposals, Pathologically Explicit Recordings didn’t take long to sign them for the release of Trails Of Hypnotized Human Veins, a first album that they began to gestate in a conscientious way in February 2023. In this album, Putrid Torso assures that “The lyrics are different from the typical brutal death and are directed towards an anti-capitalist and class struggle theme, where in a dystopian world the big corporations cruelly prey on the underprivileged people with few resources”. To illustrate this nightmarish panorama, not far from our own, they have counted on Krzysztof Klingbein (Belphegor, ex-Vader) as session drummer, achieving a monstrous and spectacular album, recording the guitars at Ebola Room Studios, the bass at Pantus Etxea, the vocals at Txopo Studios, and counting on an impeccable mix and master via JFT Producciones. The cover artwork is the work of Dechristianize Art, and the logo and layout have been created by ART Dystopia. Trails Of Hypnotized Human Veins is a brutal death with brains, that exterminates everything in its path and in which Putrid Torso has given it all. This debut has nothing to envy to the most laureate bands of the style release.

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