Band Biographies: Tropic Santos

Tropic Santos is an instrumental psych-stoner trio based in Milan, Italy, formed in 2018-2019.

The members of the band come from other underground situations and toured Europe back and forth. Marco, is the guitarist of the long-lasting Veracrash, Giulio’s roots belong to the post-hardcore scene, and he was the drummer of SMNTCS, Luca plays bass for the kraut/space-rockers Huge Molasses Tank Explodes.

The three fellas built up a psych-stoner-flavored melt of captivating tribal grooves with wide hypnotic textures and uncommon paths for an instrumental band. Their vocal-less songs do sing.

By the end of Covid19 pandemic in 2022, the band started playing live, delivering a solid yet imaginative mass of sound that always captured the audience's attention.

In the fall of 2022, Tropic Santos started a collaboration with producer Luca Ciffo (Traum, Fuzz Orchestra). In December, times were ripe for a live session recording that revealed the natural and uncut essence of TS. A 6-track flow of 33 minutes draws the listener into Tropic Santos’ jungle maze. The record is called “CACCIA GROSSA” (in English: The Big Game).

Tropic Santos is:

Marco De Salvo – Guitars
Giulio Tiberi – Drums
Luca Umidi – Bass

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