Band Biographies: VRONA

After years of adversity, VRONA will be taking their next step into a world of rich layering, adventurous composition, and unrestricted artistic freedom with their third release AND ALL IS REDUCED TO FOOTPRINTS IN THE DIRT.

VRONA began the writing process for their follow-up in late early 2018, fuelled by a state of discontent for ever-present problems, ranging from the climate crisis to mental health issues, never quite knowing just how relevant these would become on a personal level. With a view to release AND ALL IS REDUCED TO FOOTPRINTS IN THE DIRT, the date came and went as Dan was hospitalized following an attack of what would turn out to be Multiple Sclerosis, and as soon as recovery was on the cards, the collective global trauma of Covid-19 reared its head. Suffice it to say, between isolation, the collective struggles of the world and daily barrages of the political realities of 2020, each of the subject matters across the EP was brought harshly into the cold light of day with a more personal relevance than ever.

Now the time is finally right to give AND ALL IS REDUCED TO FOOTPRINTS IN THE DIRT the release it deserves, pushing VRONA further than they have ever been before in all their creative endeavors, weaving themes seamlessly together between lyrics, soundscapes, and visual media. More than ever this release has proven to the band what they are truly here to do - to push their own boundaries and bring you along with them.

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