Behind The Artworks: Akkadian - The Devil Has Evolved (2023)

Rising UK riff merchants, AKKADIAN, are set to break out with their stunning new EP, The Devil Has Evolved, out Friday 27th October. We got in touch with the metallers to find out more about their EP artwork:

1. Who designed the artwork?

The artwork was designed by Theodor Gavril. We discovered Theo on the website “Fiver”, where we gelled very quickly and were immediately on the same page. Theo’s enthusiasm and speed were above and beyond all our expectations. We look forward to working with him again in the near future! The artwork represents the evolution of The Devil and all of the Ancient Gods and Demons. How they have evolved beyond the physical form, into a higher dimension, within time and space that we as humans cannot perceive on our default frequency. The psychedelic open door in the center represents a portal into this higher dimension, with its origins being back in the desert, surrounded by Ancient Obelisks.

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