Behind The Artworks: Bermuda's Burden - Devil's Den Paradise (Double A-Side Single) (2023)

The Devil’s Paradise artwork was a piece by Marcantonio Raimondi called The Judgment of Paris, which our vocalist Cyan reimagined with the Devil’s Paradise theme, which was split between “Devil’s Den” on the right, while “Sugar Paradise” is on the left. In the painting, everyone is indulging in their sins. On the “Devil’s Den” side, there are more eerie visuals with a great deal of emotion represented, with the characters presented feeling hopeless. The right side of Raimondi’s piece maintains this feeling of emotion. Meanwhile, in “Sugar Paradise”, the characters being far more indulgent and carefree. Raimondi’s piece has the characters engaging in what appears to be trade, which Cyan interpreted for the trade of narcotics. The art also includes little easter eggs for the band, including the triangle that we use in our band design frequently, which is representative of the bermuda’s triangle.

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