Track By Tracks: Bermuda's Burden - Devil's Den Paradise (Double A-Side Single) (2023)

“Devil’s Den” is a song about running away from all of your sins and running deeper into the den, representing a metaphor for moving on from the personal mistakes of the past and not letting that fear of being trapped by your prior actions weigh you down. As it goes into “Sugar Paradise”, you escape the “Devil’s Den” by falling into some form of addiction. “Sugar Paradise” is a song that correlates metaphorically with indulging in sweets, sins and the temptations that lead to addiction. In this metaphor, there is a subtle inference that addiction can be typically derived from the seven deadly sins; pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth.

Musically, the two songs were written years ago by the original lineup, with our current drummer Mason coming in and re-writing the drum parts to make them more in line with the vision. Now the songs have a more progressive sound compared to the renditions with our previous drummer. Quinn’s rhythmic basslines coalesce seamlessly with Jake’s excellent sweeps.“Devil’s Den” feels like a journey in its own way, as each piece transitions seamlessly into a new part. “Sugar Paradise” is the continuation of that journey, as the two were originally written together but separated at birth, for lack of a better term, hence why the release is titled Devil’s Paradise. The two songs were produced and recorded as one song, with Jake, our guitarist and in-house engineer, mixing and mastering the tracks.

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