Behind The Artworks: HEAVY LUNGS - All Gas No Brakes (2023)

Art direction-wise we really stepped our game up with this album. The overarching album narrative of giving it your all is conveyed in the album artwork. On the back, you can see our cover star hitting the punching bag with everything she’s got, but this is not without a sense of humor too. It’s not a real boxing punching bag, but rather an arcade game in Bristol’s Avon Meads Showcase, which juxtaposes the brutality of the sport.

Speaking of the cover star as well, with the people involved in creating this we carried on a sense of community that’s been prevalent in all our releases. Rosie Lea who is on the cover is one of my best friends and an incredibly talented artist, music video producer, maker, and all-around legend. If you were lucky, you might have copped the now sold-out Heavy Lungs t-shirt she designed in 2018.

Hamish Trevis who shot the cover is a prominent fixture of the Bristol music scene, producing some of the most forward-thinking electronic music under the name Kinlaw. He actually played with us on the very first Heavy Lungs show, so it’s quite sentimental having him shoot the cover of our first length. The graphic design was done by Caine Mcginley who is an incredibly talented, freelance graphic designer. He used to work with Oli and did the graphic design on our straight-to-CD EP and ‘Measure' as well.

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