Behind The Artworks: Sullvation - The Beginning Of The End (2023)

Well, I like to leave that to the viewer's imagination but I will give you a hint. It’s basically a depiction of who the government is and how it tries to divide us. Pit us against each other since the day of time. How we are entwined together like one beast like it or not but the powers that be benefit from keeping us angry at each other. Hence at the rate we are going, it’s becoming “The Beginning of the End”. Plus, it’s kind of a play on words I’m not getting any younger. Many of the songs follow this theme of political divide such as, Screaming in Silence, We Come in Peace, and Sucker Punch with a read-between-the-lines type of lyric content. Others such as The One and Desolation of Abomination and more biblical in nature.

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