Behind The Scenes: THE ODDEVEN - Whiskey (Official Video)

We shot the video because the best way to face the challenges ahead in earthly life is with a fortified exterior and a gut full of whiskey. As per usual with the filming of The OddEven videos, the band was visited by aliens on the set. Luckily for the band, the aliens seem to be friendly and have a real interest in the music we are creating. (We suspect a few of them are repeat visitors, but we have not made a confirmation quite yet as they all look very similar.) The most “difficult” part of filming this video was consuming the vast amounts of whiskey that was being forced down our throats by the aliens… What started out as a good time in the woods with being from beyond quickly became a bit excessive and made the most basic of tasks (standing up, holding an instrument, etc.) difficult. ET tried to negotiate a trade with the aliens to go aboard one of their spacecrafts in return for additional new music about their travels to Earth, but that request was met with blank stares.

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