Behind The Scenes: Outcast Syndicate - Plastic Feeling (Official Video)

The video for "Plastic Feeling" was filmed and edited by the band's bassist Warren Speed - who since 1999 has run his own media production company - with ten feature films and documentaries on worldwide release, as well as having created a number of music videos for other rock bands.

The video was shot in the band's home city of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK) - and uses footage from a band practice session, as well as live footage from a number of their shows in the area. The music video storyline focuses on a dysfunctional relationship between a co-habiting couple (with the female played by the band's singer Kate Piercy).

We chose this song as our first video single as it's maybe one of the strongest songs from our forthcoming debut album "Uncoiled" (released December 2023), and is also slightly slower in pace with a different mood to most of our other songs.

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