Behind The Tracks: Burning Haze - Vesper (Single) (2023)

We composed "Vesper" a year after our debut album, but the difference compared to that work is huge. Our first album’s songs are actually older than they appear, because they were conceived a long time ago and remained in the works for a long time before being released. So “Vesper” was born in a time when we needed to make people listen to an updated version of ourselves and of our musical style. Furthermore, we felt the need to move away from the exclusive analysis of our inner world and turn our look toward broader issues, the world around us, society with its dynamics and how they influence our personality, emotions and ways of thinking. Thus we have moved from an analysis of internal consequences to a wider one which also considers external causes: pre-established patterns and social distortions to which we are more or less consciously subject. This new starting point has allowed us to address issues that are contradictory, subtly toxic, by now deeply rooted in the population and often not perceived as real problems. "Vesper" is based on this concept. It is a track in which the creators of that toxic social model are targeted, but also the crowd of people reduced to "mannequins", which makes those creators so powerful. This crowd is a heterogeneous group, made up both of those who, out of laziness or lack of critical spirit, do not try to stop that harmful process, and of those who consciously support this mechanism of distortion of reality. When we chose to release "Vesper" we already had several tracks in progress for a second album, all developed around a common concept. That is the story of a dystopian world, devastated by an army of human beings infected by a dark disease and faithful to a creed that leads them to conform and follow the principle of selfishness and oppression of others. Despite the extreme images and the use of monstrous figures, this metaphor is not so far from the negative aspects of the reality that surrounds us. We as a band make ourselves the spokespersons for an alternative vision of things, following the guidance of a dark and mysterious female figure, "the Night", who appears in the video of "Vesper" and will recur in the album. Her meaning will be explained little by little through the upcoming content. We chose "Vesper" as the first chapter of this new project because it contains a synthesis of different aspects of the concept and we needed a direct and heavy song, dark and melancholy, without too many superstructures or technicalities, but fun to listen to. While we were composing the song, the video was already taking shape in our heads, and we even acted as costume designers. It was a fantastic experience, one of those that make the group even more united, that give meaning to months and months of planning and sacrifices. The final result of “Vesper” gave us the strength to continue working hard especially now that we have to complete this new artistic journey of ours, of which "Vesper" is only the first stage.

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